Sponsoring a Student

Sponsors are sought for each of the students enrolled at CGA. Student sponsorship provides:

  • Basic education to orphans and needy students
  • Two nutritious meals a day for each student
  • Uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and PE outfits
  • Assistance to students' families
  • Medical care for ophans

Currently, sponsors contribute $45 per month to sponsor a child. Sponsors receive a photo and family information for the child they agree to sponsor. Sponsorship can continue through the secondary level. If you are ready to sponsor a student, choose the link below:

Sponsor a CGA Student

Sending Letters and Gifts

At the heart of Christ’s Gift Academy’s child sponsorship program is the hope of developing lasting relationships. We want all CGA students and sponsors to feel connected to one another. We encourage frequent letter writing. Recognizing that many sponsors desire to send gifts and shower their student with a little extra love, we also welcome sponsors to send small gifts once a year. All letters and packages are received by the CGA Student Care Department who ensure each item is appropriate for the child to receive. The Student Care Department reserves the right to remove any item from a package if it’s inappropriate.

See this page for more information.

See the complete guidelines in this document.

Supporting the School

Help defray the costs of running the school that are not covered by student sponsorship. Gifts may be one-time gifts or monthly support. School supporters can choose from several specific areas of support or make a contribution to the general school fund.

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