MissionAs a Christian mission based on the truths of God’s Word, we recognize that God’s heart is to be “a father to the fatherless and a helper to orphans.” The Christ's Gift Academy (CGA) Primary School provides quality education for orphans and other needy children in the community of Mbita, Kenya, along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Since Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these little ones.  We expect to see God’s kingdom come in reality among the children. It is not a business, but a faith ministry. Our success and continued support depend on God, so our lives and work must be pleasing to Him. Together we are serving him and seeking His will.

It is to be understood that the goal of the school is to have academic excellence following the best educational practices, administered with love and godly training.  The Bible is the foundation of the complete curriculum. Our desire is for the children to gain knowledge with understanding so that Biblical reasoning will become a part of their everyday life.  We want to see Christian character developed in these children so that they will take the authority of God’s kingdom to every domain of life in Kenya.  We are not just providing them an education, but a future for their country.