Board of Trustees

The Christ’s Gift Academy Board of Trustees is dedicated to ensuring the success of CGA by supporting the school & its ministries in fulfilling the mission, which is to impart the truth of Jesus and to transform lives

To fulfill this mission the board will:

1.  Establish strategic direction
2.  Provide oversight & accountability
3.  Be a bridge between supporters and the ministry in Kenya by:

a. using our spheres of influence
b. telling the story
c. creating energy
d. engaging sponsorship partners

4. Initiate fundraising efforts
5. Ensure financial health
6. Comply with all applicable legal requirements.

Christ's Gift Academy is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization registered with the State of South Carolina. The board of CGA was established to help organize and oversee the raising of funds in the U.S. to support CGA. Though CGA is predominantly Kenyan-led as far as day-to-day operations and administration, it is not currently realistic to expect it to be funded from Kenyan sources. As such, nearly all of CGA's financial support is from generous donors in the U.S.. Initially, all fund-raising was done by U.S. missionaries Steve and Judi Cochran and Joe Peterson. However, as demands for funds increased, so did time demands in Mbita making it more logistically difficult for these missionaries to both serve on the ground in Mbita and oversee fund-raising. From this need the board was born. The board is composed of all volunteers. The board reviews monthly financial reports from the accountant and meets via phone conference call every 2 months. Additionally, every 2 years, the board holds a multi-day in-person meeting. The most recent in-person meeting was held in Nye, Montana in September 2017.

The current board is:

Cliff Bennett, Board President (Nashville, TN)
Sally Bennett (Nashville, TN)
Gail McGlothlin, (Laurel, MT)
Joe Peterson, (Glendive, MT)
Judi Cochran (S. Sudan and Mbita, Kenya)
Brooks Duke, (White Bluff, TN)
Paul Hansen (Great Falls, MT)
Mick Antanaitis (Nashville, TN)
Steve Cochran (S. Sudan and Mbita, Kenya)

Board photo